The Invisible Underground is the premier studio for creative fruit carving, vegetable sculpture, and edible alchemy. Through installations, still imagery, and video, we reveal the secret vitality and character concealed within the organic material of our carvings. The Invisible Underground creates mind-bending ephemeral displays that make events magical and memorable.

On Aug. 13, 2013, The Invisible Underground (working with Dairy Queen & Orange Julius) set the first and official Guinness World Record for Largest Fruit Sculpture in Calgary, Canada. In 2012, we created a massive Watermelon Dragon installation out of 14 watermelons, a stop-motion Watermelon Lobster animation, and appeared on NBC's Today Show.

The Invisible Underground has been invited to carve for the White House, Lucasfilm, the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show, Food Network magazine, San Francisco's de Young Museum, and the Black Rock Arts Foundation, and has been featured internationally in print and on radio.

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“Your amazing carvings helped set the perfect scene.”

Michelle Obama

“I wrote a Goosebumps book called Weirdo Halloween, and I wish I had those pumpkins on the cover. I will tell you, they are brilliant.”

R. L. Stine

“It's amazing, I love everything about it…it's phenomenal.”

“It's totally original, absolutely amazing.”

Rob Zombie

“We were thrilled to feature your stunning artistry at our annual fundraiser event. I can't imagine a better eye-catching conversation piece, I only wish we'd had one for every table!”

Leah Atwood, Co-Executive Director,
Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture


New York Magazine (Approval Matrix)

“Master vegetable/fruit/pumpkin carver”

Huffington Post


Michael Symon (The Chew)

“Super inventive”

The Invisible Underground


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